To invent your own life’s meaning is not easy - but it’s still allowed... and I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.
— Bill Watterson

About me

Tim Burgess - Illustrator


Tim is a reliable and passionate illustrator who always loves the opportunity to create immersive and authentic artwork.

Born in Bristol, Tim has developed his style through a 2 year Graphics & Illustration Extended Diploma (Level 3) followed by a 3 year degree in Illustration (BA Hons) to get to what you see today. Tim incorporates digital techniques into traditional and original drawings, primarily in inks and watercolour.

In light of this, Tim has gained plenty of experience:

  • Publishing and promoting a children's book.

  • Designing the branding of drama productions, churches and local businesses.

  • Creating posters and promotional items for clients.

  • Animating an introduction video for the URC Church's national 'Walking the Way' course.

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